Multi-Product Application Gun

Dual Component Caulk Gun Model 435-XSP.

  • 26:1 Thrust Ratio.
  • 300x300ml; converts to 300x150ml with disc included.
  • Patented Cartridge Stabilizing Plate for Extra Cartridge Support.
  • Extra Durable, Heat Treated Piston Rod.
  • Easy Release Star-Burst Reverse Gripping Plate.
  • Hammered Finished Alloy Handle.

Static Mixer

  • Quick-Repair 15 cartridges come packed with 1 mixer per cartridge bag, and 3 extra mixers per case.
  • Quick-Joint 85 cartridges come with 10 mixers packed in the case.
  • Extra static mixers are available upon request.

Polishing/Backer Pad

120 grit flexible disc in metal bond is used for rapid removal of excess material & polishing of cured Quick-Repair 15.


Medium Grit Manufactured Aggregate
Available in 20lb and 50lb Buckets